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Why Choose Brandsitters?

Agencies typically operate in one of two ways:

a) Telling you to spend or post X amount on social media or Google with no clear strategy.

b) Make you feel special at the start with a good strategy, but you slowly fall off their radar when they focus on bringing on more and more clients. Meaning the ongoing management side of your marketing falls by the wayside.


Not us though.

Think of us as the bicep to your marketing team's arm; working synergistically with in-house marketers and business owners to understand your business and team on a deeper level. This means we can nail your brand voice and identity without needing to send thousands of emails back and forth; as well as build a long-term relationship. All of our services start with a marketing plan and a tactical strategy to ensure we can deliver you killer content all day, every day.


Welcome to the home of a better agency experience

Choosing an agency is hard. They all sound the same and look great on paper, then let you down once you're a few $$$ in. We’ve created a process for in-house marketers and business owners to have a lot more transparency, collaboration and fun when out-sourcing their digital marketing.

How We Work:



Make a Plan:

We never spend a cent or schedule a post without a great understanding of your business and goals. Dependent on your needs, we'll put together a marketing plan or tactical strategy. This plan is designed so that you can implement it yourself, or get us to implement it for you (see step 2).

Make it Happen

This is where the plan comes to life. We collaborate, create, and schedule your agreed core deliverables a month in advance.





Make it Matter

Marketing only matters if it's delivering results and is true to your business. We stay abreast of your updates with monthly or fortnightly calls, be agile with trends, and monitor the success of our work from reporting and monitoring of analytics.

Need more convincing?

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