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The motivating factors behind Brandsitters.

The guiding principles that shape our actions, even when no-one is looking...

Collaborative Communication:


To us, the word ‘collaboration’ is significant for both how we operate in-house and with our clients. While we are the experts in digital and social, the expert in the brand is the person who lives and breathes it every day (i.e. you). That’s why every retainer we offer includes a minimum of 2 hours of face-time with our team. Doing so helps us to seamlessly collaborate on cool content or ads, stay up to date with your business, and brainstorm future campaigns collaboratively. If you're looking for a set-and-forget agency... I'm sorry but you'll have to keep looking.



We are transparent in everything we do. You will always have full ownership over all of your accounts. Furthermore, with monthly reports on social, digital advertising and eDMs you can understand what's working and what's not alongside us.


Customer Obsessed:

When we say this, we mean we're obsessed with YOUR customer. That means that we won't blindly action everything you request, but instead look at all proposed alterations critically and supply our industry knowledge and recommendations for you to make an educated decision. Your customer is at the centre of all the work we do, so we want to ensure it hits the mark every time.


Create Long-Term Value:

Every piece of work we deliver should move our clients one step closer toward their goals. Outsourcing your marketing = investing in your business, and all great investments should provide you with quality returns over time. Whether you're coming to us for more sales, followers, engagements or clicks - we're working for you for the long-run!


What we are against:
(Bad juju vibes)

  • Vanity metrics

  • Marketing without a plan

  • Generic content

  • Tacky marketing: we don't engage in false claims or create content that is damaging, offensive or misleading.

Our reason for existing (a.k.a our vision):

To provide the best agency experience in New Zealand.

How we do it (a.k.a our mission):

Create digital marketing that matters for businesses with zeal.

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