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Better Agency Experience Guarantee

We get it, agencies are a dime a dozen these days and it's hard to know who is worth their weight in gold, and who is masquerading behind a website with low-paid people on Fiver. Bigger agencies come with the security of a longstanding reputation, but also have a larger pricepoint and a team who are too busy to be a true partner with your growing business. 


That's where we come in. Think of us as the bicep to your marketing team's arm; working synergistically with in-house marketers and business owners to understand your business and team on a deeper level. This means we can nail your brand voice and identity without needing to send thousands of emails back and forth; as well as build a long-term relationship.

How it Works


Define your goals. What is the main thing you would like to see from us in our working relationship? We work together to establish what you would like to achieve and what you value in our working relationship. Examples could include:

  • Quick turnaround communication 

  • Social media you love  

  • Effective ad campaigns

Note: while you have the right to your guarantee at any time, we recommend trying us out for a minimum of 90 days. This is because on-average, this is how long it takes for us to fully understand your brand voice, nail social media and/or optimise ad campaigns.


If you feel we haven't been an ideal agency partner and alert us within 5 working days, we'll remedy the situation or refund management fees for the month in question. 

Why do we do this?

Investing in a marketing partner is a big decision, no matter the size of your business. We want to assure you that once you come on board, we are committed to doing the best possible job for your business.

This guarantee isn't for everyone, we do have a few requirements you must meet in order to be eligible:


Both parties must agree on the objectives of our working relationship before we get started. You must clearly articulate your goals and expectations before we commence work, which we will document.

You must be willing to work with our advice on your content/ad strategy. You will approve everything before it goes live, however significant deviations from the plan may not be eligible for the guarantee. This is because we cannot guarantee results for work that is not truly ours.

Your sales/leads mechanisms must be set up for success if direct sales or leads are your main goal.

Your website and product/service must be compliant with advertising platform policies. We are happy to advise you if you are unsure if your business complies.

Get in touch with us, we can’t wait to help your business succeed! 

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