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Tactical Strategies dedicated to your growth:

What is a tactical strategy?

A Tactical Strategy outlines the immediate measures, actions and well... tactics necessary to attain the objectives outlined in the Marketing Plan.

We offer tactical strategies for one, two or all of the below:  


Social Media


Paid Digital Advertising 

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Email Marketing

Each of these plans describe the steps and actions that must be taken in order to achieve your goals. You know the saying "Failing to plan, is planning to fail" and Brandsitters don't want to see you failing!

Who Needs a Tactical Strategy?

Tactical strategies are for any businesses who already have a clear outline of the goals they want to achieve, the channels they want to use and the type of person they want to target. A tactical strategy is for businesses needing help on the 'What', the 'When' and the 'How' ...

Our Tactical Strategies:

You will receive a blueprint outlining the exact steps you should be taking to achieve your goals on a particular platform. Each tactical plan is designed for you to be able to action it yourself, and comes with your first month of content concepts mapped out in-depth. 

But that's not all - you'll also get:

  • Channel/platform audit

  • Identify your customer segments

  • Research of your competitors on focus platforms

  • Goals outlined for each platform

  • 1 month of content mapped out

  • Outline your KPIs

  • A no-strings-attached proposal for us to execute this plan for you

Do you need to have a tactical strategy? 

A tactical strategy is compulsory before we start any retainer-based work*. This ensures we are all aligned on the direction of our digital efforts allowing us to produce the best possible result. Like we said above "Failing to plan, is planning to fail" and Brandsitters don't want to see you failing! 

*If you already have a tactical strategy we are more than happy to execute this for you.

Whilst we'll supply you with a proposal of the costs involved for Brandsitters to seamlessly execute your tactical strategy, you can choose to take our plan and go elsewhere. We do this because we're so confident in the value we'll deliver that we know you'll love us - but we want to give you the power to choose.

No strings attatched
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