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E-commerce with an Edge


Nuz is a kitchen knife brand, handcrafted in Waiuku, NZ.


Nuz is the sister company of Svord, a popular and highly regarded brand of NZ-made hunting knives. Nuz wanted to establish themselves as a label with the Svord quality, but designed for domestic use. 

Nuz - Ads - Dec 2023.png


With Christmas fast-approaching, Nuz knew they needed to scale up their ecommerce sales — asap. Brandsitters were challenged to put together and execute a cost-effective ecommerce sales strategy to run December - February.



Given Nuz's target demographic and budget, we decided this campaign would be best suited to Meta ads (Facebook and Instagram).


We created a simple but effective funnel strategy, with aspects tailored to both the pre and post-Christmas period in line with budget.  

In a bid to showcase the features of Nuz knives, we came up with the tagline "The Knife for Life" as the central campaign theme.


We worked closely with Nuz founder, Madi, to ensure the dedicated landing page was correctly optimised around this campaign theme, and that the UX of the page aligned to campaign goals.


Gaining Cut-through: 

The key to successful Meta ads is engaging content. As Nuz had never run Meta ads before, we knew we needed to test a diverse range of content to find what worked. 

From ASMR unboxing videos through to some clever reworking of reviews, we were able to rapidly test and learn to uncover what was resonating with Nuz's audience.

Nuz already had a stunning library of imagery that we could turn into designed assets, and we worked closely with Madi to advise on video required for the campaign at various stages of the funnel. 

As sales slowed post-Christmas, we executed a quick-pivot for a Valentine's Day campaign repurposing existing assets which resulted in a final boost of sales before the campaign ended.



(Dec 2023 - Feb 2024)

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