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Tabula rasa

When the ring fits


Tabula Rasa is a family-run, boutique wedding & event venue in Ramarama, Auckland. They came to Brandsitters because they had inconsistent branding, struggled to advertise strategically and had limited social media presence.  


We have been an extension of the Tabula Rasa team since 2020, working across a broad range of marketing outlets delivering record numbers of highly qualified leads to their events and weekend open days. 

Newly-Weds Stand Under Clear Umbrella At Tabula Rasa

Social Media


Each month we work with Tabula Rasa to curate their wedding content to utilise as posts, reels and ads. This consistency has not only resulted in a more cohesive grid, but a steadily growing Instagram following. To supplement photography from the weddings hosted at Tabula Rasa, we also have assisted with content photography.


Already booked out for weddings, Tabula Rasa wanted to increase their awareness as a venue for corporate Christmas functions. We worked with Wendy and the Tabula Rasa team to concept two offerings: an option for larger companies with exclusive venue usage and an option for smaller companies where they could book a table at a prearranged event.

Once the concept was finalised, we came up with catchy names for each event, and designed promotional collateral, social media content, and advertising campaigns targeted towards corporate audiences in South Auckland and surrounds. The 'Christmas in Common' concept turned out to be a successful hook for bringing in leads. Tabula Rasa were then able to upsell all leads on to the larger Outsource My Christmas package, resulting in a 200% increase in corporate bookings vs STLY.


Christmas In Common Poster Designed By Brandsitters
Outsource My Christmas Posters Designed By Brandsitters

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