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Tools of the trade


SmartLift Systems is a family run, construction company in Christchurch specialising in re-leveling earthquake damaged buildings. They came to Brandsitters because competitors and new entrants into the market meant the work was starting to become less and less each year.  

Having used radio advertising for the last 10 years we managed to convert them to digital advertising across Google, Meta and TradeMe.

How SmartLift's Releveling Service Works - Animated Explainer Video 1-38 screenshot.png


We provide ongoing advertising campaigns for SmartLift month on month. After 12 months of sustained success in SEO, lead generation campaigns, and TradeMe campaigns, we started to see a drop off in quality of leads, so we knew it was time to pivot.


We built a funnel to ensure that SmartLift were delivered high quality leads who were ready to convert. To create the funnel, we knew we needed some serious collateral. We began with creating an engaging explainer video, breaking down the Smartlift process into three easy steps. We then ran a series of targeted ads across Google and Meta, followed by retargeting campaigns directing people who had watched a certain percentage of the video to the landing page.

On top of this, we have run many recruitment campaigns for SmartLift which have consistently outperformed their Seek listings.


Their Words:

"Brandsitters have kept our team booked out months in advance for the past few years. The team are always proactively suggesting strategies and tactics to improve the quality of our leads."

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