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Raglan Food co

Plant-powered probiotics


Filled with nothing but good vibes, natural ingredients and lashings of probiotics, Raglan Food Co are redefining plant-based products. Leading their way both in their category and in their sustainable initiatives, Raglan Food Co were already a force to be reckoned with before they engaged Brandsitters. 


With a well-established plant-based community, RFC knew their premium ingredients and method for producing coconut yoghurt were the best in the business, resulting in a product which could stand up to its dairy competitors.

Social Content Shot For Raglan Food Co Showing Torso Of A Woman In Green Jersey Holding Five Jars Of Raglan Food Co Coconut Yoghurt


Brandsitters was asked to help increase awareness, consideration and preference of Raglan Food Co (RFC) outside the plant-based space. Given the need for most RFC products to be refrigerated, ecommerce was not the main focus. Instead, RFC wanted to know if social media and digital marketing could help shift more of their product in store, and grow awareness in new markets.

Setting the Vibe

With a strong brand voice and desire to remain authentic to its audience, there was no room for a rinse-and-repeat approach. Brandsitters worked hard to integrate with RFC's in-house team to understand the business and ensure all content remained consistent and on-brand. We had a few key messages their social media presence needed to achieve:

  • Maintaining authentic brand voice true to their Raglan origin 

  • Communicating RFC's sustainability and community initiatives 

  • Heroing the pioneering dairy-like texture & taste 

  • Celebrating RFC as a great addition to any fridge, regardless of dietary preference 


Already armed with one cool tagline "lifting the vibe", we wanted to have another phrase which heroed the brand name. Hence "Reach for Raglan" was born. The line is catchy, memorable, and encourages salience in the minds of customers when at the supermarket.


Together we work closely with the RFC team every month to create organic content and ads around key pillars. Fast-Moving Consumer Goods are called 'fast-moving' for a reason, so we pivoted from monthly to fortnightly WIPs to ensure our social and paid content remained as agile as the business itself. Every month, we deliver Meta ads and organic content aimed to encourage engagement, brand loyalty and awareness. 

Deliciously Good Campaign: 

Celebrating the joy of mornings (or at least, provide inspiration on how to make your morning a little more joyous if you're not a morning person); RFC wanted to show how Raglan Food Co products made a deliciously good start to the day. This began with organic social media content highlighting individual team members and how they liked to start their day. We worked closely with the RFC team to curate a collection of photography, design and even a playlist in line with the campaign. At the centre of the campaign was a giveaway of a weekend getaway to Raglan and a host of RFC products. In order to be eligible, people had to sign up to the RFC database, which was promoted on Stuff and Meta. As a result, RFC’s database grew from just over 200 to over 4000.

Lifting the vibe


(Sept 2022 - Feb 2023)

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