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Let’s Get Reel!

WARNING! If you want to get discovered by your ideal audience on Instagram and build amazing connections via your profile, it is time to shape up and #GETREEL!

Just months after Instagram introduced the reel feature to their platform it became clear that this short-form video feature that has derived from the success of TikTok is no joke when it comes to producing content that engages audiences and attracts views.

So, next time you question whether switching up that static image for a reel is worth the time and mahi – don’t because the answer is without a doubt YES!

3 Reasons YOU Need to Start Using Instagram Reels

Yawn, yawn – we all know that on Instagram, engagement is key. But, did you know that the content format that reels embody can fast track how you and your brand achieve this engagement. Read on to find out our top 3 reasons as to why …

1. Audience Expansion

Organic growth is tough … or is it? The newness of the Instagram Reels feature in addition to their short-form content format mean that they have the ability to achieve discoverability and reach that is unparalleled in comparison to the platforms other content formats. More people watching your reels = more people engaging with your brand’s content (now that’s a #winwin).

2. Connection

Let’s be honest, filters and fun emojis do not necessarily help you all that much when it comes to achieving genuine audience connection. Reels however, provide the opportunity for you to show raw and authentic footage, adopt an informal approach to content production and express your brands true personality. This shows your audience that you care about providing value to their lives which in the long run helps you to build trust and gain a better sense of connection.

3. USP’s

Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is what makes you stand out from your competitors. Making your USP’s clear from the very start of your brands development is what you need to do in order to turn your followers into fans and brand promoters.

Luckily for you, video based content provides an easy and authentic way that you can express who your business is in terms of your thought processes, opinions and overall approach. This ensures you are better equipped when it comes to building a sense of trust and giving your audience a reason to choose YOU.

The Official List of Insta Reel Dos & Don’ts


  • Do inspire a sense of creativity

  • Do make your content authentic and original using the Reels camera

  • Do optimise the audio tools and music library in Reels

  • Do stay relevant with the latest trends, news and cultural moments

  • Do incorporate humour or aim for that WOW factor

  • Do hook the viewer in, with an intriguing and CTA based title

  • Do add a fun twist or surprise at the end

  • Do follow the Instagram Community Guidelines


  • Don’t use music which is not in the Instagram Music Library, unless you are #licensed

  • Don’t use “dated” references or irrelevant info

  • Don’t go against Instagram’s Community Guidelines (think hate speech and graphic violence)

How To: Go #viral with a reel

Here are some extra tips from the team at Brandsitters to help you ensure your reel appears at the top of the Explore page for thousands of users to see EVERY SINGLE TIME!

  • Share your Reels on the Instagram Grid

  • Share your Reels on Instagram Stories

  • Tag the other brands, people in the video so they share it and it gets views from their audience as well as yours

  • Join the current trends but add your own unique twist

  • Use popular and catchy music

  • Add related hashtags

  • Most importantly, get creative and have fun with it!

Reels we Rate

It would be reely rude to do a whole post of Reels and not even show you some of our favs – don’t you think?!

Check out each team members favourite reel of the moment –

“I absolutely love this reel from Kowtow Clothing as a part of their on New Zealand women enlightened by nature. This one is focused on is Hanahiva Rose. A curator at Wellington’s Te Papa, she spends most her professional life working with and writing about contemporary art practices in Aotearoa. I particularly love their use of a strong storyline and the incorporation of both diagetic and non-diagetic sound and short sharp clips for that extra touch of effect (p.s. it makes the clothes look awesome and makes me feel the need to empty my bank account ASAP”

“This reel does a great job of grabbing your attention and showing off their peanut butter. The editing is fast paced and interesting which makes you want to watch to the end. I think either this reel is perfect or I’m just really hungry… “

“By stitching together a bunch of tiny micro videos you really build an energy or a ‘vibe’ with your audience. @angelaliggs does this really well with all her content and no matter what your product or service is I think this style of reel helps you to connect with your customer 😊”

“I loved this one from Greenies because it is very creative in my opinion and kept me engaged throughout, without revealing that it was an ad till they mentioned the name of the product at the end.”

I personally love what Ethique does with their reels, they add a lot of value all while reminding customers that their packaging is compostable.”

So with that, there is not much left to say than get those phones out and swipe to video because it is officially time for you and your brand to go and GET REEL!


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