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7 Keys to Unlock Organic Growth on Instagram

Instagram can be easily confused as a branding battlefield for businesses. The social network previously used for visual communication and natural connection has recently transformed into an advertising and promotional mecca. With this transition comes one important question for businesses beginning their brand development journey … is it still possible to organically grow your followers?

Although paid growth strategies will help you and your brand achieve optimal results, we know that starting up a brand can be tough and that money (sadly) does not grow on trees…

Are you looking to grow your follower base in a cost-friendly manner? (Ok that might have been a silly question!) Take a look at our 7 keys to unlocking Organic Growth on Instagram and thank us later! 1. CONSISTENCY

Slow and steady wins the race. Dedicate time to creating consistent, targeted and high-quality content to lock in consumers. To sustain growth on Instagram, your content delivery and quality shouldn’t fluctuate. Posting content that is off-brand and inconsistent may confuse your audience and cause them to disengage. The creation of a content plan and the use of a scheduling tool will help you to ensure that you avoid the creation of gaps in your social media content, ensure your content is refined and allow you to ensure you are posting when your target audience is most active.


Engagement refers to all things likes, comments, shares and saves. Engagement on your posts not only allows your business to interact with your customers but also informs the Instagram algorithm that they should prioritise your content on the feeds of your target audience. The key to creating engaging content is knowing what your audience likes and what content is best suited to the platform (Instagram analytics is your new best friend!). Instagram is a creative space and is more adapted to digital entertainment than any other social media platform. Between posts, reels, stories, and IGTV, there is a multitude of opportunities when it comes to creating innovative and appealing content. Ultimately, the more appealing your content is to your target audience, the more likely they are to further share your content (this means more eyes on you!)


Understanding what is happening in your industry is crucial to your success. Compile a list of all competitors and major accounts on IG that are targeting the same niche as you and identify what makes their content successful or unsuccessful. We recommend that you observe what they are doing, analyse their top-performing posts, look at the feedback they are receiving and utilise that feedback to guide your strategy. It is also important that you put yourself in the place of your target consumer and consider where you can fill in gaps or do things better for your brand. With a clear niche, you are more likely to drive the engagement that consumers want to see (trust us!)


A multi-faceted approach is best when it comes to growing your Instagram engagement. Promote your brand as much as you can in a variety of different ways to give your brand an optimal opportunity to get its name out there. Influencer marketing, collaborations as well as attending events for in-person exposure and hosting your own events are all invaluable exposure opportunities when it comes to growing brand equity. 5. OPTIMISATION

Impressions matter more than anything online. So before you begin strategizing, post planning and scheduling, make sure you have the basics in place. This includes everything from the setting up of your bio to making sure you are using an effective username and profile image. Although they might seem minor, these details are reflective of your brand identity and you shouldn’t perceive these as less important than the content you are publishing … so put some time and effort into getting them right! 6. AWARENESS

Creating visibility and awareness is the best way to get discovered online. Ensure your brand is easy to find in as many places as possible, and pay particular attention to where your audience spends time online. To do this in a way that won't break the bank make sure your Instagram account, along with your other social platforms are listed clearly on your website. Cross promoting your social media accounts is a key and leveraging multiple platforms with your best research-driven content is what will make your engagement soar. 7. VALUE

Don't just ask for a follow. Instead, showcase your brand in the best way possible and enable users to LOVE your content and feel as though they are missing out if they choose not to follow you. It is that simple, make them fall in love with your brand and then convert them to a loyal customer!

Growing your followers organically will help you not only to save your marketing budget but also will help you to curate a connected audience made up of people that truly love and respect your brand. So … use the above 7 keys to unlock your brand’s organic growth and open a set of new doors when it comes to optimising Instagram for business.


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