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Pier Law

We Want Prenup!


Pier Law are a family-run law firm with three branches located in Christchurch specialising in conveyancing and family law.


Pier Law were our very first client in 2020, and we have worked closely with them ever since. Every month we produce their monthly newsletter, Meta and Google ads, and provide ongoing marketing strategy. 



After rapidly growing their team, Pier Law needed more inbound work for their Family Law lawyers. 

Given the sensitivity of this subject matter, and the strict advertising regulations around legal services, Brandsitters needed to come up with an innovative solution to drive awareness of Pier Law's Family Law services, and build a trusted reputation with their community.


Our Strategy

We knew acquiring new family law leads needed to be separated into two objectives:

1) Capture people looking for a lawyer right now (existing demand).

2) Capture people who may require a family law lawyer in future (future demand).


We chose a Google Search Campaign to capture existing demand, and Meta Lead Generation Campaign to capture future demand. 


The purpose of the Meta Lead Generation Campaign was to encourage people to download a high quality lead magnet on Family Law, thus positioning Pier Law as experts in the space.


Given Family Law is a broad topic, we honed in on the most searched topic on Google at the time: prenups —also known as contracting out agreements. Thus, Pier Law's 'Guide to Prenups' was born.

Creative Execution

This campaign was hugely successful due to Pier Law's willingness to invest in strategy, content, and paid execution.


The beauty of this up-front investment is that the assets and campaigns created are timeless (unless of course, there is a policy change).


This means that both the Meta and Google ads can be run as always-on campaigns and continue to generate brand awareness and leads for Pier Law long into the future. 




(Oct 2023 - Jan 2024)


Google Leads


Lead Gen Downloads


We had to pause ads due to Pier Law being too busy!

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