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Kindred Centre

Brand identity in practice

Meet Monique… a qualified counsellor and supervisor with a desire to use her 20 years of experience to provide a way for clients and therapists to easily and safely connect in the new pandemic landscape.



In July of 2021, Monique came to Brandsitters with the idea of facilitating a like-minded online network of registered therapists and counsellors who could offer their services online to clients. Her vision was to create a directory of hand-selected registered healthcare professionals. The professionals would benefit from online exposure and professional support, whereas clients would be able to find a trusted professional best suited to their needs from their home.


But before this, all focus was given to developing Monique’s brand. The name ‘Kindred Centre’ was chosen to indicate the shared values of the envisioned network. The logo was made up of different shaped stones, seemingly moving inwards towards each other to offers clear unity among each element, despite each shape being unique.


When it was time to develop the website, various challenges arose when it came to the task of communicating the necessary information while sticking to budget. To overcome this, we worked closely with Monique to establish a clean & functional website that is initially targeted towards other therapists in order to grow the network. It was important that the website CMS used had the ability to be easily changed in future to incorporate additional therapist profiles, an online booking system and other forms of ecommerce as the business grows. Brandsitters worked on the CMS selection, design, copy and layout of the site in line with both Monique’s goals and current SEO best practices.


Within two months of Monique's website going live, both her and her first featured therapist on the website are nearly at capacity, and have received a significant number of enquiries from other therapists interested in receiving a profile on Kindred Centre's website.

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