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Circularity & XLabs

Post-pandemic event success


Circularity is a Circular Economy consultancy based in Auckland. Circularity runs XLabs LIVE, a five day circular economy design sprint for businesses, where participants can develop and prototype circular economy concepts. The first year of XLabs was a sell-out success in early 2020. In a post-pandemic world, facing decreased corporate budgets and an increase in ticket prices, the landscape for XLabs LIVE 2022 was vastly different.

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Launching an event is a big job, especially in a recently-post-covid world. Brandsitters were tasked with growing awareness of XLabs and making it easier for leads to progress down the funnel. With a short road to event day, we only had a 6 week timeline to plan, develop and execute the launch funnel. 


We worked with the Circularity & XLabs team to optimise their sites and create a dedicated landing page for XLabs LIVE. Then we ran a strategic campaign across Youtube, LinkedIn & Newsroom & assisted with the organic content strategy to nurture attendees in every stage of the funnel.







LinkedIn followers

(across Circularity and XLabs' pages)

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