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Balance me

Everybody needs

a bit of balance


Balance Me is a plant-based meal prep company based in Wanaka, New Zealand. Brandsitters has worked closely with Liv over the last 3 years, when Balance Me joined us as one of our first ever clients. Since then we're proud to have grown alongside Balance Me developing their digital marketing strategies as their business and marketing budget has grown.  


Balance Me has now expanded into Queenstown & Dunedin, producing 150+ client meals per week, as well as being a supplier to many supermarkets, cafes, F45 and ski fields in the Otago region.

Balance Me Founder Olivia Faid Lying Among Meals In Cardboard Containers Photographed By Brandsitters


Increase brand awareness and sales within a geographically limited location, while remaining authentic to brand values. Operating in a small geographic location, there is no room for repetitive ad creative. Secondly, being a values-led business, it was imperative that Balance Me's agency partner was aligned with brand voice and values. 


With many different revenue streams and customer demographics, it's important that Balance Me's paid advertising has a clear and defined strategy. Month on month, we examine and adapt Balance Me's Meta campaigns to ensure we are increasing their brand awareness and providing a strong ROAS.


We continuously adapt our creatives and messaging through A/B testing and analysis to ensure our ads are always delivering the best possible result.

Meta Results

(March 2022 - March 2023)

The secret sauce to great results? 

 Great creative.


A fresh, seasonal, rotating menu requires fresh content to match. Since 2020, we have conducted annual content shoots. Each time, we analyse which content performed well last time and where any gaps are. The shoot is meticulously planned down to the minute with multiple shooting stations set up to capture a variety of product and lifestyle imagery while the food still looks optimal.

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