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Up your social media game with Brandsitters' social media services. Our friendly social media experts help you show the world your brand-baby in a tasteful way, not like your relative who posts 12 blurry photos of their cacti collection daily.

Whether you're wanting to create a highly curated feed, or simply don't have the time to be active on social media, Brandsitters are here to help. With expertise in design, photography, content creation and social media management - we can help you look and sound the part.

We believe that the secret to a truly engaging social media presence is authenticity, so stock images and generic quotations aren't our style. Our social media services ensure your social media presence is a true reflection of your identity and voice as a business.

Social media


No idea what to post? Or know your way around social media but just can't find the time?

Let us take a weight off your shoulders and manage your social media for you.

As small business owners ourselves, we know firsthand how difficult it is to do all of your business admin, sales, management AND manage your social media.

As marketers, we also know that social media is an invaluable resource for almost every business, and not having a presence risks missing a huge customer base. 

We offer support with:


Content creation

Posting to your social media platforms

Social growth

Daily management of your platforms including replying to comments and DMs

Image by NeONBRAND
Image by Georgia de Lotz

social media 


Tired of feeling like nobody is engaging with your content? 

Grow your social pages, drive website traffic and get more leads with social media advertising

Social media platforms are an affordable way to advertise your product or service a highly targeted audience.

Beyond the classic 'boosted post', many social media platforms offer a range of great way to reach your customers a deliver measurable results.

Brandsitters can assist with:

Setting up advertising accounts across Facebook Business Manager, LinkedIn Campaign Manager, and more

Facebook Business Manager coaching

Advertising strategy for your campaign

Creation and management of social media advertising campaigns