Where parents once kept pictures of their kids in their wallet, they now proudly share snaps of their offspring online. As the proud parent of a business, it's only natural to want to showcase your product or service in its best light. In the digital world, having high quality photos is more important than ever. However, without the right technology, know-how and time, getting the photos you need can be a bit inconvenient at best, and a downright hassle at worst.

Luckily, Brandsitters are here to help. We offer a wide range of  affordable photography services for your social media, website, print assets, or even your LinkedIn profile.  We can also coach you through how to take good snaps on your smartphone for when you're in need of a decent photo at short notice. We're Auckland-based, but can travel on request to where you need us to be.

social media content

Never struggle with finding content to post again with a brand dedicated content library.​

We can create a diverse high quality image bank for you to use across your website, social media channels and collateral.

We will analyse your current social media content (if any) and identify what has performed well in the past, and identify any gaps.

You will have full ownership over all imagery which you can choose to post yourself, or let us post for you with our social media management services.

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product photography

Capture your product in its best light.

Brandsitters can create high quality product imagery for your website or eCommerce needs, or capture your product from a lifestyle perspective.

We will work with you to determine your needs and aims and capture imagery to suit.

Food Photography

It's no secret that we eat with our eyes; so killer photos is the quickest way to the hearts, minds and bellies of your customers.

Capturing deliciousness through the lens is one of our big passions. Whether your business is in the hospitality industry; FMCG or food production, we can create mouthwatering imagery to suit.

We offer both one-off and ongoing:

Cafe & restaurant menu photography

Lifestyle photography

Food styling

Recipe development packages



Update your LinkedIn profile or capture your team in action.

We work with you to determine your needs capture a diverse library tailored to suit. We often like to kill two birds with one stone and combine team photography with our other photography services listed above. No job is too big or too small; individual and group packages available

Examples of some services we offer:

Candid lifestyle headshots

LinkedIn/website headshots

Team photos

Behind the Scenes photography of your team in action

event photography

We love seeing you in action, and love capturing it even more!

Show the world your event, expo stand, yoga class, or even your school fair with Brandsitters' event photography 

Events are a great way to market your business, and great photography of the day makes excellent future marketing collateral.

We do events of all sizes - get in touch with us to work out the nitty gritty