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Wow your customers with design, branding, copywriting and authentic brand identity.


It's time for your brand to pull its socks up and tuck in its shirt! Presentation is a highly important part of the first impression your business makes on a customer. Chances are, you wouldn't show up to a first date in the stained and ripped t-shirt you got for free from a movie premiere five years ago; so why would you let your business show up not looking its best? Consider us your personal brand stylists; we'll whip your business' branding into shape to make a meaningful first impression.

Our corporate design & branding services and creative design capabilities will help you ace every first 'date' with customers. Who knows; your snazzy business cards, reports, proposals, social media posts might even land your business a second and third date. *Sniff* they grow up so fast.

Corporate design + branding

Say no to boring reports and corporate documents with our corporate design & branding services.

After all, nothing says proficiency like a document that's as visually appealing as it is informative.

Every piece of collateral you release is another opportunity to make a lasting impression. Make sure it's the right one by ensuring all your emails, releases and reports are as slick as the content within it.

We offer:


Corporate report design

Document templates

CV design

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Brand Identity

Give your brand a visual identity, or overhaul an outdated appearance with Brandsitters' brand identity services

A brand without a brand identity is a bit like having a social media profile with no photos of yourself: fine if you just use it to talk to your grandma, but if you try to connect with strangers, they'll probably think it's a bit of a scam.

We work with you to understand your business or brand from the inside out and craft a look to suit.

We offer:

Logo design

Business cards

Email signatures

Website design