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Natalie Burrell, Photography, Brandsitters, digital marketing




After studying marketing, strategy and entrepreneurship Natalie developed a desire to use her skills to give small businesses a chance to be heard in the digital space.  When she isn’t helping you on your digital growth or making your brand come to life through unique designs and creative strategies, Natalie can be found hiking outdoors or playing sports. Photography and design is her strength and Mexican food is her weakness.

Quick fire Q’s w/ Natalie

  • If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Ooooh this is tough! Probably Nachos with a decent dollop of Guac!

  • Do you sleep with a top sheet? Why or why not? Yep! Because I get cold at night and it is an extra layer of protection from the evil spirits hiding in my closet...

  • What has been your career highlight so far? Launching Brandsitters during a Pandemic and working with Bennetto to create different marketing strategies to give back to the front line workers with all their excess chocolates that couldn't be sold at the upcoming expos and markets.




Elise discovered her passion for helping small businesses and brands tell their story when she fortuitously"fell" into the digital marketing space after helping a variety of small businesses with all aspects of their social media and digital marketing during her travels. Elise's expertise include digital advertising, SEO, copywriting, recipe development and photography. When she's not busy raising brands, she can be found practicing her German and Chinese language skills, whipping up something delicious in the kitchen, or getting out in nature.

Quick fire Q’s w/ Elise 

  • Where’s the next place on your travel bucket list and why?  I'd love to go back to Taiwan to keep learning Mandarin, and Korea and Mexico are close behind because I am addicted to kimchi & esquites

  • What is your guilty pleasure? My guilty pleasure is UHT milk. Bonus points if it’s served at room temperature rather than fridge temperature.

  • Who or what inspires you in your career?  I believe in building a career that is challenging, exciting and varied, and allows room for the important people and passions in life. Cecilia Robinson, our mentor, is hugely inspiring for me. She really has built her empire from the ground up, and has made sure each of her companies looks after its people and the planet. She's also a formidable multi-tasker, juggling her 3 babies and 3 businesses

Elise Dalrymple-Keast, Photography, Brandsitters, digital marketing, marketing strategy
Mike Lee_edited.jpg




Maisie has a strong passion for public relations, media writing and social media content creation. With a few internships under her belt, Maisie is excited to kick start her career journey in the digital marketing space with a team of talented wahine by her side. When she switches off from thinking about how she can help brands best tell their stories, Maisie enjoys her time spent beachside with friends and whanau, having a boogie to house music or testing out some of Aotearoa's best cheese scones (recommendations are welcome!)

Quick fire Q’s w/ Maisie

  • What’s your go-to guilty pleasure? WatchingThe Chase at 5pm

  • Favourite Podcast? Happy Hour with Lucy & Nikki 

  • What is a brand that inspires you?  Pics Peanut Butter! They have built a global peanut butter empire through blending two ingredients (peanuts & salt) - P.S. They began their humble journey in my hometown of Nelson #supportlocal




Dr Michael S W Lee is an Associate Professor of Marketing at The University of Auckland Business School and an award-winning teacher of all things from marketing strategy, marketing research and consumer behaviour to advertising, advanced communications research and contemporary issues in marketing. Having worked with names in the past such as ASB, Virgin Airlines, Zuru Edge and NZ Beef and Lamb, Mike’s extensive expertise make him an invaluable strategic and creative consultant. With Mike on board as one of our exclusive advisers, your project is guaranteed to be a success.

Quick fire Q’s w/ Mike

  • How do you take your coffee? Mocha, no sugar

  • What’s your favourite way to unwind? I love to get out in the surf

  • What one piece of advice would you give to someone wanting to launch a brand?  Know your ‘why’





Catherine moved to New Zealand from India to pursue her master's in strategic communications. Her experience with social media marketing laid a strong foundation for her to pursue career in digital marketing field. Having a strong background in arts, her love for singing and poem writing goes beyond measure. She enjoys cooking and trying different food around the globe. She can promise you amazing south-Indian curries along with some hot rice when you visit her.

Quick fire Q’s w/ Cathy

  • Have your ever disliked something and then changed your mind? Spinach

  • Favourite movie of all time? Fault in our stars

  • Biggest Fear? I am very scared of snakes as well as getting trapped in tight spaces!

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We like to think of ourselves as your digital marketing partners helping your brand or business to grow. Our Brandsitters; team is made up of creative individuals, working hard to deliver you the best results. We understand the never-ending hustle and bustle of a small business where you feel like you have to be 6 employees in one. Our job is to be the babysitter of your brand, the digital daycare facility that lets us manage your digital presence allowing to focus your energy on your passion.

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